About Raymond Williams

The Life

Book Cover: A Warrior's Tale 

 Raymond Williams: A Warrior's Tale

Dai Smith (Parthian Books 2008)

The Life of Raymond Williams

Obituary by Stuart Hall

The New Statesman, 5th February 1988


Raymond Williams

100 Welsh Heroes/ 100 Arwyr Cymru

The Work

Raymond Williams and Education

'a slow reach again for control'

the encyclopedia of informal education

New Left Review Online Archive:

Articles by Raymond Williams

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Book Cover: Border Country

Border Country

by Raymond Williams

MBC: The Museum of Broadcast Communications 

Raymond Williams: British Media Critic

Swansea University - The Raymond Williams papers

The Roland Collection of Films and Videos on Art

Raymond Williams with Michael Ignatieff, discussing

  • being a socialist novelist
  • using a historical canvas
  • cultural influence on consciousness
  • history's entanglement with the psyche
  • themes of betrayal

Colour video for purchase (site offers free preview)

Writing on Williams

Raymond Williams Making Connections

Elizabeth Eldridge; John Eldridge

(Routledge, 1994)

Living in a Material World: Raymond Williams' Long Revolution

Robert Christgau


Raymond Williams's Sociology of Culture: a critical reconstruction

Paul Jones, Palgrave Macmillan, 2004



Conference: 'Raymond Williams in Transit: From Wales to Japan'


The Raymond Williams Foundation